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This walk begins with the Kariye Camii or Church of the Chora (closed wednesday), next door Kariye Hotel. The original building stood outside the early walls of Constantine, begun in 326 AD, hence its name which means "in the forest".The mosaics and frescoes inside the church are the finest in the city and should not be missed.From the Kariye Camii, follow the street upwards to meet the Theodosian walls, a vast bastion of stone towers, ramparts and ditches with which the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II (408-450) enclosed the seven hills of the new Rome in the fifth century. They were built in two months to protect the city from Atilla the Hun.Here stood the Palace of Constantine Porphyrogenitus, now called Tekfur Sarayi. All that remains of its imperial glory is a three-story facade decorated in geometric designs of brick and marble. Climbing up to the first storey, one can view the land-walls stretching all the way south to the Sea of Marmara. The walls from this point down to the Golden Horn are twelfth century, built by the Emperor Manuel Comnenus.Continuing north, following the line of walls from the inside, to Ivaz Efendi Camii,a pretty sixteenth-century mosque attributed to Sinan, the architect of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.


Within a short 5 minute taxi ride away are the more familiar landmarks: Topkapi Palace Museum,(closed Tuesday), the Ottoman sultans palace with amazing collections of jewellery and china.Haghia Sophia(Ayasofya),the basilica of Justinian (closed Mondays),the Basilica cistern(Yerebatan Sarayi), Ibrahim Pasa Sarayi;, the museum of Turkish-Islamic art in the 16th-century palace of a grand vizier, Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Camii, a fine smaller tiled mosque by Sinan below the Hippdrome,The Grand Bazaar (Kapali carsi), and Suleymaniye Camii, the grandest of Istanbul's classical mosques.

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